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The Supernatural Fan Article Challenge

Article Banks
writer at work
dannyblue wrote in spn_articles

I was involved in a project that grew out of my control and gobbled up any free time I had. And, while I love SPN, I also love eating and paying my bills. 

While the project isn't finished, it's slowed down enough for me to devote a little more time to fun stuff. :D

Write Some Articles

All over the Internet, there are these lovely sites called "article banks" that are visited by millions of people every day. People just like you and me can submit articles to these sites. 

I know there are SPN fans who love to write essays and articles about the show and share them with other fans. 

So why not share them with the world.

I know lots of people have started "SOS" (Save Our Show) campaigns for SPN. And I admire their dedication. But, while sending postcards and signing petitions has it's merits, I think spreading interest in the show to potential viewers is just as important.

And you can do that by posting articles and essays at these article banks.

What Can You Write About?

What should your article or essay be about?


* Reviews of the show, individual episodes, the DVD's, etc.
* Articles about the actors. 
* Articles analyzing the characters.
* Spoiler articles. (Apparantly, Associated Content loves spoiler articles).
* Articles comparing SPN to other shows.
* Commentary-type articles. Like, you can explore SPN's take on urban legends, religion, family, sex, etc. 
* The ten best SPN episodes so far.
* The episodes new viewers must see.
* The show's fanbase.
* Favorite quotes from the show. 
* Anything else that comes to mind. 

Article Bank Links

Below are links to just a few of the article banks I know of that take entertainment articles. These are all in the top 25 of the most popular article banks. I'll add more later. If you know of any more, tell me about them in the comments below.



Article Cube

Associated Content


EZine Articles

Go Articles


You can submit the same article to many different sites.

And remember, if you submit an article and it gets published, tell us about it here, with a link.

Happy writing.