The Supernatural Fan Article Challenge

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What's the idea?

The other day, I was wandering around online looking for articles and such related to SPN. And I found a few at this place called Associated Content. And the article had a lot of comments from fans, as well as some from folks who hadn't watched the show, but were interested because of the article.

Which made me start wondering. There are a lot of article sites out there were folks just like you and me can post articles about topics that interest us. So, why not encourage SPN fans to write articles about the show/characters/actors/etc and post them to those sites?

Then I heard about Squidoo, where you can create "lens" sites about anything (like SPN), and make money for your favorite charity.

And it all sort of snowballed out there.

So, that's kinda what this challenge is about. Seeing what SPN fans can do when they decide to spread thier wings beyond the fandom.